Consulting Services


Let us assist you regarding the following crucial business issues:

  • Where AI can fit your real business objectives?

  • How to Immigrate and Integrate  to AI based systems?

  • How to get an expert system with the required business insights?

  • How to start such a projects?  contact us

Computer Vision

Telling the story behind pictures / movies. Moderation techniques and ability to filter any picture or movie according to predefined rules. Detection of objects on an image, classification of images into topic groups or by presence of a specific feature. 

Predictive Analytics

Ability to identify your specific relevant market trends. Predict the market conditions or product sales.
Understand customers, prevent churn and optimize resource usage and efficiency.

NLP (Text Processing)

Ability to extract the business insight behind text. Extract knowledge from human-language text ,figures, names, relationships, entities; rank texts according to relevance to speed up reporting and analysis.

How we do that?
Dedicated Content Moderation Services (SaaS/ On Premise) For your business and online services

We provide development and research for content moderate engines. Content moderation for images, text, and videos, according to your business needs, such as:

  • Detection of potential business opportunities in your online data flow.

  • Detection of potential offensive and unwanted images

  • Filtering of possible profanity and undesirable or desirable text

  • Moderation of adult and racy content in videos

  • Built-in review tool for best results, which incorporate human been into the moderation process. 

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Image processing, Video Analytics, Computer visioning

We provide algorithms development   and research services for image processing and video analytics projects. We expertise on integration between classical image processing methods and AI based methods (e.x Deep Learning).

During the last 10 years we developed the following objectives:

  1. Objects recognition.

  2. Object detection.

  3. Video & Image annotation.

  4. Quality improvements for images and video.

  5. Image Processing.

  6. Medical imaging enhancements.

Upgrading industrial systems into AI based (Smart Sensors)

During the last 10 years we successfully converted projects by upgrading industrial systems into AI based. We assited our clients in achieving significant improvements by the using of AI methods. We used hardware sensors for physics measurements, boosted by AI methods for better accuracy. Most of the project involved bring-ups on embedded systems such as (Raspberry-pie,Sitara, IMX6-cortex etc), with customized Linux OS.  

Upgrading technology solution into AI based (I.e. Finance, Information Systems, Cyber-Security etc')

During the last 15 years we successfully converted projects by upgrading technology solutions (Business intelligence and Information systems) into AI based. We assisted our clients in achieving significant improvements by the using AI methods. Some of the projects are in the fields of:

Data Mining, Cyber-security, Finance systems, Linguistics, OCR, image processing , signal processing etc.

Most of the projects involved the following approaches:

Machine learning, NLP, Deep learning, statistical pattern recognition etc.