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Brilliance is a leading research and development technology firm.


We focus on development of innovative technological solutions in the following fields:

  • Cyber security.

  • Computer vision & Image Processing.

  • Big-data analytics.

  • Smart sensors and physical measurements.


Brilliance has beyond 18 experienced research years into applicable solutions.


During the last 10 years Brilliance expertized on innovative algorithmic solutions which incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies using cutting edge approaches of:

  • Machine Learning (ML).

  • Deep Learning (DL).

Our most popular services:

 Consulting Services

  • Where AI can fit your real business problems?

  • How to Immigrate and Integrate  to AI based systems?

  • How to develop an expert system with the required business insights?

  • How to start such projects?

End to End Research & Development 

  • Algorithms research & development in various fields.(IP,NLP etc')

  • Upgrading technology solutions into AI based.

  • Upgrading industrial systems by the use of smart sensors.(AI based & IOT)

Setting-Up & Support

  • Setting Up of AI & Deep Learning development & Research Environments Frameworks, GPU-computing.

  • Development methodologies in AI environments